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7 vye for Dunn County Commission seats

Amid increased oil activity in Dunn County, seven people are running for two at-large positions on the Dunn County Commission, with several wanting to focus on infrastructure improvements.

A primary election will be held June 8 to decide who of Cliff Ferebee -- an incumbent, Donna Scott, Rick Reems, Greg Senger, Daryl Dukart, Robert Kleemann -- an incumbent, or Jerry Wolberg will join the Dunn County Commission.

When asked what each candidate thought he or she would provide the Commission and what his or her primary focus would be, here's what candidates had to say:

Donna Scott

Scott presently serves on two boards: The Killdeer School Board and the Dunn County Zoning Board, and feels the skills she has acquired will be of great assistance if elected.

"I have learned that both boards require listening to the thoughts of other board members and those in the community," Scott wrote in an e-mail. "This is important in good, sound decision making."

Scott said she has experience and is familiar with budget and long-range planning within her community from her experience gained while serving on the school and zoning boards as well as an emergency manager for a number of years.

"I am willing to learn and willing to go to other resources to find the answer to any questions the constituents and I would have," Scott wrote.

While Scott said there are no specific items she would like to focus on if elected, she is looking forward to learning.

"I also know that there are many issues facing our county at this time and I want to be a part of doing what is best for all of Dunn County," Scott wrote.

Rick Reems

"I feel I would bring experience in the construction field part of it, and I'm kind of semi-retired, so I would probably have more time to devote for the responsibilities," Reems said, adding he has served on various boards in the past.

Reems said his primary focus would be taking care of the county's infrastructure.

Greg Senger

"I don't know," he said. "I guess I got 20 years experience being on the City Board. I have experience."

Senger said he would like to focus on everyday issues affecting the county, including road improvement across the entire county.

Daryl Dukart

"I feel I have a general knowledge of being able to work with people very well ... the public as a whole," Dukart said.

With a combined total of 77 years experience serving on local, regional and state boards, Dukart feels he will bring leadership to the Commission.

"We're impacted severely by road conditions because of the energy development," Dukart said, adding roads are a major rural concern.

Dukart said housing needs to be expanded and businesses developed.

"With that, we need to do some future planning to get to that goal," Dukart said.

Another focus would be to gain and retain young people in Dunn County, Dukart said.

Robert Kleemann

"I'm hoping after my last four years I'm a little more educated in what goes on in the county, and with my experience be able to keep working for the county, for the taxpayers and the community to try and keep things going."

Kleemann said with all the increased oil activity, he wants to focus on road development and maintenance, water for hydraulic fracturing jobs, places for trucks at night, road safety and housing developments.

Cliff Ferebee

Running for his second term, Ferebee has served on local, district, state and national levels.

Ferebee said his experience as a commissioner for the last three and a half years coupled with his work with state legislators, commissioners in adjacent counties and serving on the Executive Board for the North Dakota Association of Oil & Gas Counties is important in "telling our story to legislators in Bismarck."

"The state takes a huge amount of money out of the oil-producing counties, and I don't think that the oil-producing counties are getting enough back to take care of the infrastructure," Ferebee said. "We need more of these funds to come back in the oil-producing counties."

Jerry Wolberg

A phone number for Wolberg could not be located.