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Medora District asks for public comments

The Medora Ranger District is patiently waiting for public comments on a proposal to explore for oil and gas deposits potentially located over an area of approximately 5,400 acres.

The acreage is a combination of federal and private lands located in Golden Valley County. The deadline for comment is Sept. 14.

"We would like to hear from our friends and neighbors about their concerns regarding the project area," said Ron Jablonksi Jr., district ranger for the Medora Ranger District.

It is important to allow time for public comment not only because it is a law, but also because it will help the Medora Ranger District make an informed decision and modify the proposal if need be, said Jablonski.

The proposal (Red Rock 3D Seismic), which the Medora Ranger District is considering, was submitted by Petro-Hunt LLC., of Bismarck, for seismic geophysical exploration on National Forest System land. Dawson Geophysical Co. of Midland, Texas would be performing the Geophysical exploration on behalf of Petro-Hunt, according to a press release.

This proposal would survey all or portions of eight sections of National Forest land encompassing approximately 3,410 acres.

The project area covers one Management Area -- MA 6.1- Rangelands with Broad Resource Emphasis. MA 6.1 allows for exploration and development of oil and gas resources. This project would not result in any road construction or any other terrain modifications.

The proposal would use conventional vibroseis seismic technology. This technology utilizes a team of vibrating buggies which create recordable vibrations through the earth's surface to possibly reveal oil and gas deposits below the earth's surface. There would be temporary compaction of the surface vegetation, but no surface disturbance will occur, according to a press release.

The project involves four steps.

The first step is to survey and lay out source lines. The source lines would run northeast to southwest and are approximately 1,100 feet apart.

The second step is to survey and lay out source points which will be created by a team of buggy vibes.

The source points will not be conducted within hardwood draws or within 400 feet of any building, public recreation area, administrative site, water well, developed spring; undeveloped spring, reservoir or dam, nor any water, oil, or natural gas pipeline and communication or electric lines.

The third step is to lay out receiver lines, which are needed to record the sound waves. They will be laid out east to west at a 45 degree angel to the shot lines, forming a diamond pattern. Spacing between these lines would be approximately 880 feet.

After the source points are vibed and the information is recorded, the crew will move on and a clean-up crew will follow picking up any flagging, garbage or debris.

Wildlife and archaeological surveys will be completed and included as part of the environmental analysis for this project.

Although Golden Valley County officials had heard mention of the project, they have yet to discuss it.

"Golden Valley County officials are to meet Thursday, I am sure we will talk about the proposal then," said Cecillia "Ceil" Stedman, Golden Valley County auditor.

To submit oral comments, call project leader Shawn Reisenauer at 701-227-7826 or e-mail comments to Written comments can be directed to Medora Ranger District, Attn. Jablonski Jr. 99 23rd Ave. W Suite B Dickinson, ND 58601.