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UM gets US grants for $1.2M coal power studies

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- The U.S. Department of Energy said Wednesday that it has awarded two grants to the University of Michigan to underwrite $1.2 million in research on the use of coal-based fuels in clean-burning advanced turbines.

Michigan is one of nine universities getting funds under the University Turbine Systems Research Program, the Energy Department said. In all, they are to receive $4.7 million in federal money for the research.

The grants to the University of Michigan total $954,539, with $251,560 in matching funds from the Ann Arbor school.

One grant is for work on achieving a better understanding of what controls the burning of high hydrogen fuels, the government said. It said the research involves experimental work and computational studies.

The other project involves the operation of gas turbines that use high hydrogen fuels, the department said.

"Projects like this are critical to ensuring the future of clean energy technology right here in America," said Charles McConnell, chief operating officer of the Energy Department's fossil energy programs.

Other schools getting grants under the program are the University of Texas, $500,000; the University of California-Irvine, $499,999; Purdue University, $468,995; Ohio State University; $497,223; the University of Connecticut, $498,886; the University of North Dakota, $480,000; Tennessee Technological University, $371,288; and the University of Pittsburgh, $434,325.