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Oklahoma company interested in oil waste 'filings' site outside of Belfield

Stark County could see an oil waste treatment facility up and running "this year sometime," Stark County Zoning Commission Chairman Russ Hoff said Monday.

Location Service Inc., Edmond, Okla., will present project ideas during Thursday's hearing to amend the Stark County Zoning Ordinance.

Location Service is proposing a facility that would involve processing waste "filings" from oil rigs, Hoff said.

"When they're done with (the waste), it will come out as a solid," he said. "It's kind of like a landfill."

Byron Richard, who owns land about seven miles south of Belfield off Highway 85, said the company is interested in placing the facility on his land.

"What it will do is it will replace some of the material that they've been putting in these independent preserve pits on these locations where the (oil) wells are being drilled," Richard said. "This particular site here will create an opportunity to consolidate some of (the waste) and have it better monitored by the state."

Richard also said Location Service would like to attain 80 acres of his land for landfill purposes.

Don Schmeling is a representative of Continental Real Estate in Dickinson, who is involved with purchase proceedings between Richard and Location Service.

"There actually is not even a purchase agreement in the works, but we're hoping to see one at least by Thursday, prior to that meeting," Schmeling said. "(Plans are) a little bit premature right now."

In a letter sent to the Zoning Commission Feb. 10, Location Service COO Luke Bross said, "Location Service is seeking to build an oil field support facility, commonly known as a special waste landfill, with permitting and oversight provided by the North Dakota Department of Health."

Bross also pointed out North Dakota's need for "environmentally responsible drilling support services."

"Strategic and wise planning regarding our natural resources will be vital to both short-term success and long-term ecological safety," Bross said. "Location Service is fully equipped to satisfy those concerns."

While Hoff is interested to learn more about the company, which he believes could provide waste services for up to three oil companies, he wants to make sure a potential facility would not negatively affect residents. He especially wants to make sure dust will not be an issue.

"Many trucks are going to be coming in there," he said.

More information on Location Service's plans will be discussed during Thursday's hearing to amend the Stark County Zoning Ordinance, which is at 3 p.m. at the Courthouse, 51 Third St. E.