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Corporation interested in building $26 million proppant facility outside of Gladstone

A Houston ceramics company is taking steps to build a $26 million proppant facility near Gladstone, officials said today, but there is confusion over who the company needs to meet with to get the go-ahead.

Dickinson-based Stark Development Corp. voted at the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce meeting to support CARBO Ceramics' proposal to build the facility on 85 acres about a mile northeast of the city. Proppant is a ceramic agent used in hydraulic fracturing, also known as "fracking."

The plant would be CARBO's largest proppant production facility, said Shannon Nelson, CARBO North American distribution manager. The plant is slated to be completed in 2013.

Gladstone Mayor Kurt Martin said the city was not contacted about the project despite making calls to CARBO. There was a misunderstanding about whether CARBO had to go through Stark County or Gladstone, Nelson said, adding CARBO plans to contact Gladstone to get on its meeting agenda.

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