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Crew camps at a glance

Target Logistics facilities, Williston:

-More than 1,100 beds between the Bear Paw Lodge, Williston North Lodge and the Williston Cabins.

-Closed camp with security checkpoint.

-Sewage is taken to the Target Logistics waste water treatment plant at the Tioga lodge, which processes 180,000 gallons of sewage per day.

-Cost per night at Bear Paw Lodge ranges from $110 to $130, depending on length of contract and number of rooms the company reserves.

-Most rooms in Bear Paw Lodge have a shared bathroom between two rooms. VIP rooms also are available.

-No alcohol, firearms or cohabitation.

-Full cafeteria, laundry facility, recreation room, fitness equipment, sauna and other amenities

-Target Logistics has 3,700 beds in the Bakken with about half occupied by oil company employees and the other half construction or other oil field-related workers

Burke Lodge, Williston

-224 beds

-Built by Burke Construction Group of Las Vegas. The lodge has contracts with some employers.

-$90 per night.

-Shared bathrooms down the hall.

-No security checkpoint, but closed camp is staffed 24 hours a day.

-No alcohol, no firearms, quiet hours start at 10 p.m.

-Single occupant rooms, no married couples can share.

-Business center and laundry facility.

-Breakfast is available, but no full cafeteria.

-The lodge is hooked up to city utilities.

Pioneer Lodge & Commons, Watford City

-Will have 3,100 beds about 1½ miles outside of city limits.

-Crews will break ground on the project this week, with first 1,200 beds and the commons area open by July 15.

-The lodge will be operated similarly to other crew lodging facilities but will look more like a hotel. The permanent structure coul be converted into apartments or another use.

-Secure campus.

-Private rooms with full-size bathroom, refrigerator and microwave.

-Medical office for residents to access.

-No alcohol.

-Amenities such as recreation room, fluff and fold laundry service, full cafeteria, conference rooms,

-Watford City denied a request for city services. The lodge plans to construct its own wastewater treatment system.