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Residents near Dodge unhappy with proposed oil field waste site location

A number of residents near Dodge are concerned about what an oil field waste site could do to area water, traffic and more, they said Wednesday during a press conference attended by about a dozen people at Dodge's City Hall.

Bismarck-based Waste Solutions LLP wants to put a dumpsite for oil field refuse about two miles south of Dodge. A contact number for Waste Solutions could not be located Wednesday and representatives from the company were not at the conference, resident Nancy Evans said.

Evans lives near the Dunn and Mercer county lines and has problems with the site. She expects there to be more town meetings about the issue.

"Most residents who know about this don't want it," Evans said. "People are afraid (the site) will hurt the water, land and livestock.

"A lot of what could be dumped could be carcinogens and radioactive material that, if it gets into the water supply, could affect crops, wildlife and land values, not to mention the impact it would have on humans."

Glenn Eckelberg, Dunn County Commission chairman, said it will be up to the Planning and Zoning Board to decide.

"I would like people in the area to be aware of it and hopefully (the press conference) will help," Mayor Leonard Strifle said. "This has potential to affect Dunn County and Mercer County and I have a problem with it."

Resident Carol Moldenhauer said she has voiced concerns to the zoning commissioners.

"There are no wells here," she said. "Maybe there will be someday, but there aren't any now, and they should put this site where they have oil wells instead of putting it very close to the perimeter of Dodge.

"We live down the road from where the site would be if it's built and we would have to drive past it. The people that live closer to it would have to deal with the additional dust that would be created from the trucks driving to and from the site."

Lynne Wandrey, who lives about four miles from Dodge, said she hopes the press conference alerted residents to what the site could do, including adding 50 to 70 more trucks to the roads.

Moldenhauer said, "I worry about the watershed and creek if the pond that holds the tank for moisture out at the dumpsite would be breached with 7 inches of rain because it is going to go in to the water for the cattle and on down.

"(Waste Solutions) says it's an OK thing, but we want our peace and serenity out here and I plain just don't want it," she added.

The proposal is scheduled to be on Dunn County Planning and Zoning's agenda next month.