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Show readers what you are seeing on this wind-filled Wednesday in SW North Dakota

Press Photo by Jennifer McBride Mailboxes are among the many items being tested by today's wind.1 / 3
Courtesy Photo Tumbleweeds are collecting outside Kassidy Fields' home this afternoon.2 / 3
Tessa Filipi shared this photo of a trampoline that took a tumble in today's wind storm.3 / 3

Wind speeds of 40 mph and more are creating disturbances throughout the Dickinson area this afternoon. Travelers are dodging tumbleweeds, walkers are having trouble staying on their feet and some construction projects are taking pretty hefty hits.

The community is abuzz about this wind-filled Wednesday. If you have a photo of wind-related madness to share, please send it to and we will post it to Include your phone number and name in case we have questions or would like to publish it in Thursday's Press.