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Stark County Sheriff's Office seeks new in-car cameras

The Stark County Commission will find more than $15,000 in its budget for the purchase of new in-car cameras to replace aging and ineffective gear in the vehicles of the Stark County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Clarence Tuhy told the commission at its regular meeting Tuesday at the Stark County Courthouse that the purchase of new cameras for the sheriff's department vehicles was necessary.

"We've had ICOP cameras, the in-car cameras, and the service isn't what it's supposed to be because they're old machines," he said. "We're going to get to work and put some new ones in the vehicles we've got."

The new cameras will cost the sheriff's office about $5,300 per camera.

Tuhy recommended to the commission that they purchase six in-car cameras, three of which would be covered under an oil-impact grant and the others would have to be purchased using funds from the budget.

"These cameras are about safety and about liability," Commissioner Jay Elkin said, before making a motion to purchase the six in-car cameras for the sheriff's office vehicles, which was passed with a unanimous vote. "It's going to cost us about $16,000 to replace them, and we'll find them money we need to purchase the cameras."

Commissioner Russ Hoff asked Tuhy if the cameras had to be replaced, and Tuhy said they should be because they are not working like they should be.

"We're having problems with them," Tuhy said. "We've been kind of checking around at new ones. I know the (police department) has got WatchGuard cameras. We've got a WatchGuard and ICOPs, and we went with the ICOPS because they were the cheapest."

Tuhy added that the cameras have been in the cars for about four to five years now.

"We have to be replacing them and updating them, instead of sticking money into the ICOPS," he said. "With WatchGuard, it is a lot like any other type of technology. They will be a lot more efficient."