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Do you know who to call for a suspected hazardous spill in Dunn County?

MANNING -- Notice something in Dunn County and suspect it could be a hazardous spill? Know who to call?

Word of a possible spill last week brought County Emergency Manager Denise Brew to ask the public to follow the chain of command and first contact her office at the Dunn County Courthouse in Manning, 701-573-4612.

Brew told the Dunn County Commission during its regular meeting Wednesday at the courthouse that it had been brought to her attention after the fact that there was a possible hazard spill last week.

She said a landowner apparently contacted the state health department in Bismarck and the state responded to the incident, which appears to have been a fresh water spill.

"That's fine. That's their opportunity," Brew said. "But I didn't know anything about it. I talked to the sheriff's department about it later, and they said that they had determined that it was a fresh water spill."

Brew was asked by Commissioner Daryl Dukart to compose a short summary of what the emergency management department does in regards to the energy industry, including spill responses and cleanup.

"I know there are people in the industry that don't even realize they can call you when they're in the middle of a situation," he said.

Brew said some people have questioned the pace of the local response to incidents like spills, which might be a reason her office was bypassed in the most recent incident.

"What I need to get out there is that if people have an issue and think there is a spill, they need to feel comfortable calling me because we will get Southwest District Health, or whoever needs to be out there, out there right away," she said.

Commissioner Bob Kleeman wondered if the public even realized they needed to contact Brew and the emergency management office when they notice that a spill has occurred.

Commissioner Reinhard Hauck said Brew had previously notified the public that they should contact the county emergency manager in case of a spill.

But, he added, it never hurts to remind people of what the procedures are in case of an emergency, he added.

"I suppose maybe about twice a year it may be necessary to remind people about the procedures," Hauck said.

The same goes for the commissioners, who Brew also encouraged to contact her if they are approached by one of their constituents with concerns about a hazardous spill.

"If you have a concern, we will investigate it," she said. "You can come to my desk or call me, at home or otherwise, if you hear about something happening."