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Authorities identify man who died in fiery crash on Interstate 29 south of Grand Forks

2012 halfway over; Residents: Year has gone by fast

Happy midway through the year!

Today marks the point on the calendar where 183 days of the year are officially over, leaving just 183 days to go before the New Year ball drops.

Local residents reflected on what has been a relatively stellar year for many, leaving them with high hopes for what is ahead of them in 2013.

"The year has gone pretty well for me so far," said Dorothy Ficek of Dickinson, as she settled into her lawn chair along Villard Street prior to the start of Saturday's parade in Dickinson. "I celebrated my 80th birthday this year and got 89 cards sent to me. That's pretty good and I just hope that all of my friends and family stay in good health in 2013. I sure am hoping for another good year next year."

Watching the parade with Ficek was Kathy Reindel of Dickinson, who said this August she will watch her son get married, which will be one of the best events in 2012 for Reindel and her family.

"I didn't realize that it is the midpoint in the year already. I guess 2012 has gone by faster than I realized," she said. "I just hope 2013 is as good for my family as 2012 has been."

For Janet Hecker of Dickinson, this year included a trip to North Carolina.

"See, I have 12 grandchildren and three of them live in North Carolina," said Hecker, who was able to bring her other grandchildren to Saturday's parade. "My husband and I did get to go and see them the year before, but since we don't get to see our grandchildren in North Carolina as often, it was great to get to go again this year."

With the year half over, Hecker is looking for 2013 to bring her family continued happiness.

"I just really hope that my husband can stay in good health in 2013," she said. "And I have high hopes that that will happen for my family."