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3 arrested by tactical team in Dickinson

The Dickinson Police Department tactical team deployed Thursday night as officials worried about the danger related to a call, Capt. Joe Cianni said.

DPD received a tip that people involved in a burglary investigation may be at a Park Avenue residence, he said. There may have been weapons at the scene.

When police knocked on the door, those answering it promptly closed it, Cianni said. From there the tactical team began negotiations with the occupants of the residence who allegedly did not have authorization to be there.

After roughly half an hour, Alex Johnson, 29, Dickinson, Jason Schultz, 28, Dickinson, and Alexis Krank, 21, Dickinson, were arrested for criminal trespassing after peaceably leaving the residence, Cianni said. Johnson and Schultz were also arrested on outstanding Stark County warrants.

"We erred on the side of caution involving the tactical team," Cianni said.

Because the burglary is under investigation, he would not comment if any of those arrested were involved.