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3 names in hat for Southwest District judge post

Kevin McCabe1 / 3
Dann Greenwood2 / 3
Tom Henning3 / 3

Three have thrown their name in the hat for an open southwest district judgeship.

Tom Henning, 61, Kevin McCabe, 48, and Dann Greenwood, 59, will be on the June ballot to replace outgoing Judge H. Patrick Weir.

"They all have their own unique qualifications," said Judge Zane Anderson, who is running unopposed. "They all have a little bit different background and experience."

Henning, who grew up in Newburg, has been practicing law for more than 30 years and is in his fourth term as Stark County state's attorney.

"I've had three and a half terms managing this office, managing the caseload, managing the staff and carrying a caseload myself," he said. "I've appeared in a huge variety of criminal cases ... so I think I have a real background of court work, court preparation, case presentation, basic use of the rules and the laws of the state for court."

McCabe, who was born and raised in Dickinson, has practiced law for 12 years and works at the Public Defender Office in Dickinson. He has planned to run as a judge for several years.

"It's something I kind of geared my career toward and it's something I always wanted to do," he said. "I'm a hard worker. I go in at 7 and stay until 4. I believe in putting in a full week and I do."

Greenwood, who is also a Dickinson native, has been practicing law for about 35 years. He is a partner in Greenwood and Ramsey PLLP law firm in Dickinson.

"I was born into a legal family," he said. "My father was an attorney, my brother was an attorney, my son is an attorney, my cousin is an attorney. So I've been involved in law for a long time."

Prior to being elected as state's attorney, Henning worked as an assistant state's attorney and for a private practice in Cooperstown before that.

"I just think I'm qualified for the position," Henning said. "I think I'm as well-qualified as anybody running to do this job. I think I am, you know, arguably more well-rounded."

Before he was a public defender, McCabe worked in the North Dakota Attorney General's Office.

"I think it's a great opportunity for this position to be open no matter who gets the position," he said. "Times are changing and somebody is going to have to change with the times and I'm hoping it will be me."

Greenwood is primarily involved in general civil litigation.

"I have a broad base of experience in law and I just felt I have a lot to offer and frankly I feel I'm the best qualified of the candidates that are running," he said. "I think I'm suited for the position in terms of temperament and abilities. I think I'm well-respected by all of the judges and the attorneys in the area."

The Southwest Judicial District has three judges who hear cases, including criminal and traffic, for the eight southwest counties.

Anderson, 60, has been practicing law since 1978. He was elected as judge for Bowman, Slope, Adams and Hettinger counties in 1990 and as a southwest district judge in 1994.

"I think I'm continuing now because I've made it a career," he said. "I've put in a lot of time and experience and hopefully some continuing education in it. I'm not ready to retire quite yet."