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4-year road plan includes 50 Dickinson projects totaling more than $70,000

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is seeking public comment after completion of its four-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan that includes more than 50 proposals totaling more than $70,000.

The public's remarks about the transportation plan should be addressed to the local NDDOT District Office by no later than Feb. 11.

"It is very important for us to hear the comments from the public," said Larry Gangl, engineer for District 5, the Dickinson District. "We need to know the public's thoughts and ideas on where improvements in the state transportation system are needed."

There are 998 miles of road within the DOT's Dickinson District.

The latest transportation proposal consists of more than 50 project ideas for the Dickinson District, including proposals that range from ramp revisions to preliminary engineering of a Highway 22 underpass.

The grand total for all of the listed projects in the Dickinson District is estimated at more than $70,000. There are some funding sources for the projects that are still pending at this time, though.

"I think all the projects are important to this area. We prioritize all projects and feel that each one provides benefits to the traveling public in our state," Gangl said.

At this time, Gangl said there are no projects he would add to the improvement plan.

"But we continue to review options for future projects as the needs arise," he said.

Last summer, the NDDOT held several meetings in communities across the state, including Dickinson and with the tribal communities, to gather feedback on the plan, which was first developed through a meeting with stakeholders.

All of the public input that was received from the community meetings over the summer was given to the state transportation director for consideration of updates to the state's transportation system.

Possible improvements to the transportation system include upgrades to the overall transportation surface, as well as programs and policies, said Stewart Milakovic with the DOT's Planning/Asset Management Division.

Generally, Jack Olson, NDDOT assistant director of planning/asset management division, said the state has a good, reliable ways for the public to get around, but it never hurts to look for ways to improve the system.

"North Dakota has a well-maintained transportation system and it provides a pretty good level of service," he said. "but we could look at what other states and countries are doing to improve safety, security and mobility, which is important to businesses who want to get their products to people around the world," he said.