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8 seconds to glory

Press Photo by Dustin Monke Southwest North Dakota high school bull rider Coleman Entze of Golden Valley is locked in a battle for the North Dakota High School Rodeo Association state championship heading into the State Finals, which begin Friday in Bowman.1 / 3
Press Photo by Dustin Monke Southwest North Dakota high school bull rider Camren Decoteau, right, of Halliday, are locked in a battle for the North Dakota High School Rodeo Association state championship heading into the State Finals, which begin Friday in Bowman.2 / 3
Press Photo by Dustin Monke Southwest North Dakota high school bull rider Devin Boltz of Belfield is locked in a battle for the North Dakota High School Rodeo Association state championship heading into the State Finals, which begin Friday in Bowman.3 / 3

There's no event in rodeo quite like bull riding.

This weekend at the North Dakota High School Rodeo Association's State Finals in Bowman, there may not be a championship race as good as the bull riding.

Belfield's Devin Boltz has the lead in the state standings, but he's ready for a good battle from Golden Valley's Coleman Entze and Halliday's Camren Decoteau when they tangle at the 10 a.m. Friday first-round morning performance at Dakota Winds Arena.

"It's going to be tough with Cameron and Coleman and all those guys riding good," Boltz said. "The way I look at it is to take one rodeo at a time and just kind of forget the past season rodeos, just start over and act like a new beginning."

The three cowboys, all good friends, took different paths this season.

Boltz, who recently completed his junior year at Belfield High School, accumulated 55 season points with six qualified rides and two victories this season. His best, a 72-point ride, came earlier this spring in West Fargo.

Entze has 47 points. The recent Beulah High School graduate opened the year with a 54-point ride in Mandan but has put up good numbers since then, averaging a 73.5 on his last four rides -- all of them wins, including the state's season high of 75 at Killdeer on May 13.

Decoteau, a Halliday High School graduate and the defending state champion, has 40 points. He sat out the fall part of the season after suffering a devastating head injury at last summer's National High School Finals Rodeo.

The nasty injury could have very well ended his career.

At last year's NHSFR in Gillette, Wyo., Decoteau drew the difficult Wednesday round in which contestants have their first of two performances in the morning and early afternoon and return for an evening performance.

In the morning, Decoteau was bucked from his bull and suffered what was later believed to be a concussion. He returned for the evening round and was bucked again, this time fracturing his skull in 10 places.

It caused bleeding in the brain and he had to be taken out of the arena by an ambulance. He was sent to Campbell County Memorial Hospital where he was kept in a medically induced coma for six days.

Decoteau said he never gave a second thought to stepping away from bull riding.

"The next three weeks after that, I went and got on my first bull again," Decoteau said.

After sitting out the fall portion of the high school season, Decoteau returned for his only win of the year -- a 73-point ride at the spring opener in West Fargo.

"It was good," Decoteau said. "I just wanted to at least make state. It felt good to just ride a bull."

While he has some work to do if he wants to defend his state title, Decoteau said he won't be devastated if Boltz or Entze beats him this weekend.

"I'm glad for whoever wins it," Decoteau said. "If I don't win it, I'll shake the hand (of the winner). I'm not scared. I love both of them guys to death."

Thankfully for Boltz, the most consistent of the bunch, what a cowboy does in the regular season matters in the high school finals.

Contestants can earn up to 40 points at the state finals. A maximum of 10 points each are up for grabs in the first round, second round, championship round and the average.

"It's going to come down to whoever rides the best at state," Entze said.

Entze said the cowboys have the advantage of getting on bulls they know. Eckroth Rodeo Bulls of Flasher is the stock contractor for the bull riding at the state finals and Entze said they bring a corral full of bulls he's either seen or been on already.

"We've seen them lots of times before so we'll kind of know what they are," Entze said. "It's nice to know the bulls they get somewhat. But sometimes you'll know them a little too much and try and set traps on them. It's nice to know what they're doing so you have somewhat of an idea."

NDHSRA State Finals

At Bowman


At All-Seasons Arena

8 a.m.: Cow Cutting, first and second rounds (at All-Seasons Indoor Arena)

2 p.m.: Queen Horsemanship Contest

At Four Seasons Pavilion

5:30 p.m.: Queen Pageant

At Dakota Winds Arena

6 p.m.: Family team roping


At Dakota Winds Arena

10 a.m.: Rodeo, First round morning performance

6 p.m.: Rodeo, First round evening performance At All-Seasons Indoor Arena

1 p.m.: Cow Cutting, championship round


At Dakota Winds Arena

10 a.m.: Rodeo, Second round morning performance

6 p.m.: Rodeo, Second round evening performance


At Dakota Winds Arena

12:30 p.m.: Queen Coronation

1 p.m.: Rodeo, Championship Round


North Dakota High School Rodeo Association

Boys all-around: 1, Colt Roshau, Bismarck, 211. 2, Riley Rustad, Kindred, 208. 3, Chase Lako, Arthur, 204. 4, Keaton Schaffer, Broadus, Mont., 181. 5, Logan Schaper, Halliday, 170.5. 6, Jake Herman, Halliday, 170.5.

Girls all-around: 1, Teddi Schwagler, Mandan, 255. 2, Samantha Jorgenson, Watford City, 212. 3, Skye Schaper, Halliday, 201.5. 4, Chantel Fettig, Kintyre, 195.5. 5, Kennedi Kautzman, Walcott, 158. 6, Sadie Kieson, Watford City, 157.5.

Bareback riding: 1, Logan Berg, Mandan, 79. 2, Weston Hartman, Mandan, 54.5. 3, Daltin Berger, Mandan, 28.5. 4, Jerald Berger, Mandan, 16. 5, Mitch Baesler, Mandan, 16. 6, Gus Nelson, Alexander, 9.

Barrel racing: 1, Lexus Kelsch, McLaughlin, S.D., 89. 2, Chantel Fettig, Kintyre, 73. 3, Samantha Jorgenson, Watford City, 56. 4, Katelyn Schaffner, Bismarck, 53. 5 (tie), Teddi Schwagler, Mandan; Siggy Scheid, Hazen, 39.

Boys cow cutting: 1, Colt Roshau, Bismarck, 110. 2, Chase Lako, Arthur, 101. 3, Jake Herman, Halliday, 89.5. 4, Riley Rustad, Kindred, 87. 5, Logan Schaper, Halliday, 85.5. 6, Hayes Feilmeier, Watford City, 72.

Breakaway roping: 1, Kassie Kautzman, Walcott, 63. 2, Skye Schaper, Halliday, 59. 3, Jordyn Schaefer, Des Lacs, 53. 4, Calby Hason, Jamestown, 42. 5, Teddi Schwagler, Mandan, 37. 6, Madison Huber, Mandan, 33.

Bull riding: 1, Devin Boltz, Belfield, 55. 2, Coleman Entze, Golden Valley, 27. 3, Camren Decoteau, Halliday, 40. 4, Alex Kleinsasser, Menoken, 22. 5, Weston Hartman, Mandan, 19. 6, Jake Beson, Dunn Center, 18.

Girls cow cutting: 1, Samantha Jorgenson, Watford City, 88. 2, Sadie Kieson, Watford City, 84.5. 3, Saige Feilmeier, Watford City, 82. 4, Mikaela Miller, Bismarck, 62. 5, Kennedi Kautzman, Bismarck, 58. 6, Cydney Peterson, Minot, 56.

Goat tying: 1, Teddi Schwagler, Mandan, 86. 2, Chanel Fettig, Kintyre, 67.5. 3, Lacey Grann, Sheyenne, 64.5. 4, Billie Jo Miller, Menoken, 62. 5, Brittany Jo Cudworth, Warwick, 61. 6, Calby Hanson, Jamestown, 34.

Pole bending: 1, Anna Iverson, Beulah, 66. 2, Lexus Kelsch, Mandan, 58. 3, Chantel Fettig, Kintyre, 51. 4, Kennedi Kautzman, Bismarck, 48. 5, Layne Larson, Marion, 46. 6, Skye Schaper, Halliday, 43.

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Dalton Rixen, Richardton, 100. 2, Wyatt Bice, Killdeer, 53. 3, Kasey Dressler, Richardton, 49.5. 4, Taylor Buchholz, Fort Ransom, 43.5. 5, Devon Burghart, Mandan, 18. 6, Callen Clarys, Mandan, 17.

Steer wrestling: 1, Justice Johnson, Bismarck, 101. 2, Colt Roshau, Bismarck, 74. 3, Cameron Morman, Glen Ullin, 66. 4, Riley Rustad, Kindred, 54. 5, River Voigt, Killdeer, 52. 6, Lane Dahl, Sawyer, 50.

Team roping: 1, Tate Benson, Scobey, Mont. and Cotey Hanson, Berthold, 188. 2, Keaton Schaffer, Broadus, Mont. and River Voigt, Killdeer, 112. 3, Wyett Magilke, Granville and Joe Nelson, Alexander, 84. 4, Rory Irwin, Alexander and Kelby Indergard, Sidney, Mont., 72. 5, Jake Herman, Halliday and Samantha Jorgenson, Watford City, 70. 6, Lane Dahl, Sawyer and Jordyn Schaefer, Des Lacs, 64.

Tie-down roping: 1, Keaton Schaffer, Broadus, Mont., 76. 2, Cameron Morman, Glen Ullin, 64. 3, Wyatt Bice, Killdeer, 62. 4, Chase Lako, Arthur, 58. 5 (tie), Riley Rustad, Kindred; Lane Rossow, Herreid, S.D., 46.

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