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AT&T, CenturyLink phone service restored

Phone service was restored to AT&T and CenturyLink customers in

Dickinson and Belfield after they lost service for six hours when a

contractor severed an underground fiber line.

CenturyLink Communications spokesperson Carrie Amann said a contractor

was digging around 8 p.m. Thursday when they cut through a fiber cable

because contractor did not locate the underground power lines prior to


Police alerted the media to the outage Thursday night because AT&T and CenturyLink phone customers were not able to make emergency 911 phone calls.

Service was restored around 2 a.m. Friday.

Amann said people cutting through underground utility lines is

growing problem nationwide, and suggested that people call 811 to locate

underground utilities lines before they start any digging.

AT&T has not confirmed that any of their customers lost service, but

Amann said it is possible that the companies could ride the same line.