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'Beat Obama!': District 36 Republicans endorse candidates

Hundreds of people braved icy wind and snow to attend the District 36 Republican Party Convention at the Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge in Dickinson on Saturday.

The party endorsed Kelly Armstrong for North Dakota State Senate, who was up against Ben Simons. In addition, they endorsed Alan Fehr and incumbent Mike Schatz for the North Dakota House of Representatives. Luke Simons was nominated, but not endorsed by the District 36 Republican Party.

Schatz chanted "Beat Obama! Beat Obama!" after being nominated.

"I want you to know I'm going to work as hard as I possibly can so that we can win this election for the Republican Party and the principals that we stand for," he said. "Your needs and your wants are my highest priority."

Alan Fehr said the area needs a diversified economy.

"While I'm not a fan of big government, there are things we need from the use of public funds," he said. "We need to invest wisely in infrastructure to help communities maintain their services and be a place that families want to call home."

Armstrong also wants to work on infrastructure and emergency services.

"I'm really happy and I thank everybody who supported me," he said after the convention. "Now the hard work begins."

Rep. Frank Klein said only about 25 people attended the last nominating convention for District 36.

"This looks more like a state convention," he chuckled.

Holly Forsness, a Dickinson Republican, attended.

"I was raised primarily in a conservative family," she said. "They have a lot of the same values I was raised with."

She isn't pulling for any particular candidate at this time, but is weighing her options.

"I want to see a candidate that believes in job creation and small businesses," Forsness said.

She also favors those who back farmers and ranchers.