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Belfield Zoning Board to consider 40-acre development

BELFIELD -- Belfield's Zoning Board will have to consider a 40-acre commercial and housing development at another meeting since a quorum was not present Friday.

In the meantime, Councilman and Zoning Board member Harold Kubischta asked at the meeting at City Hall that American Landmark Group, the property developer out of Utah, prepare a preliminary plat to show where items, like easements and utility right-of-ways will be located in the development that would be in the northwest corner of Highway 85 and Interstate 94.

"We'd like to see a plat before we consider it," Kubischta said, adding that the plat is also necessary because it is in the city ordinances.

Cathy Milner, a partner and broker with American Landmark Group, said the owners of the property could not be present at the meeting since they do not live in North Dakota.

Milner said the development would include medium or large box stores, a grocery store and restaurants, as well as multi-family homes.

Kubischta said he thought "the concept was good," but said more than one access points into and out of the development were necessary.

Board member Kevin Hushka, who is also the Belfield's fire chief, agreed with Kubischta.

"How would we get in in the case of an emergency?" he said. "There could be a ton of people and businesses in there with the retail space and housing. If that would fill up and there was only one way in, holy cow."

Both Kubischta and Hushka said they probably would not have been prepared to vote on the development Friday, even with a quorum because the development poses many questions.

Milner said Belfield is an ideal place for a development like is being proposed and will follow the board's recommendations.

"We did a lot of research and came across Belfield and decided that this was the place to be," she said. "We'll just go back now and follow through with the board's suggestions and bring everything back."