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Berg Elementary principal: 'It's just a very sad tragedy'

Although Berg Elementary School Principal Shawn Leiss was away from his school in Dickinson when news of a shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school first aired, word traveled fast.

"Obviously our feeling is that it's a very tragic event," Leiss told The Dickinson Press. "It's just a very sad tragedy."

It's an event, Leiss said, that people nationwide were paying attention to Friday, including students of local schools. When asked if the school would talk with students regarding the incident, Leiss said the school was equipped to have those discussions.

"We have a counselor on staff that addresses issues of that nature," he said.

School districts throughout the nation have created crisis management plans, and that includes Dickinson schools.

"As every school district in the nation has, our district has -- school by school and building by building -- created and looked at crisis management plans in an effort to make our buildings as secure as we can," Leiss said.

"One of the things that many of the buildings in Dickinson have added are cameras," he added.