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Bidding for 17th Dickinson liquor license is Monday

Dickinson will hold an auction at 1 p.m. Monday for the 17th on-sale/off-sale liquor license, City Administrator Shawn Kessel said.

The public is welcome to attend the auction at City Hall, but only those submitting applications and written bids may participate in the process, he said.

"You can't come to the auction and expect to just start bidding without submitting something in writing," he said. "We need the application, we need the materials to understand that you are legally able to have a liquor license in Dickinson."

The bidding will begin at $185,000 for the license created after Coborn Inc. inquired about the possibility with plans to open Cash Wise Foods and Cash Wise Liquor stores in the Roers' Development on the west side of Dickinson.

Because this is the first license sold this way in the city, there is no telling how high it could go, but Kessel said there was talk of exceeding $300,000.

The revenue generated from the sale of the liquor license will go into the city's general fund.

"Anything that goes into the general fund is a revenue source (that) potentially off sets property taxes that we need to collect from the public," he said.

Applications and written bids are due noon Monday.

The City Commission will approve or deny the license after all background checks are complete, which will hopefully be the Aug. 20 meeting, Kessel said. The commission has the right to deny the license for any reason. If approved, payment for the license is due immediately.

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