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Bismarck car collector restores Cabriolet, to show vehicle at Medora

Steve Ellefson and his wife, Jolene, of Bismarck are shining up their 1936 Ford Model 68 Cabriolet in anticipation of the Medora Car Show.

They will caravan to Medora on Friday with the Bismarck/Mandan Pioneer Auto Club -- a trip that has become a tradition for the car collectors.

"The Cabriolet is a two-door convertible," Ellefson said. "Cabriolet means convertible coupe."

Ellefson spotted the vehicle tucked behind a Minnesota windbreak Christmas Eve of 1982. The next day, he drove back and purchased it.

It took him four years to restore the car in his garage. When done, the vehicle won "Best of Show" at the Medora Car Show in 1989 and first place at an Antique Automobile Club of America show in Grand Forks.

The Ellefsons come to Medora every year for the show.

"My dad was there for the

very first one and he continually went until he was too sick to come," Ellefson said. "I went the second year and it turned into a family event."

As a member of the Pioneer Auto Club, Ellefson assists with the demonstration to build a Model T from the parts laying on the ground.

"Our best time was 2 minutes 46 seconds -- we did it on the stage of the Medora Musical," he said.

Restoration of cars is part of his life.

"I'd use the term sub-culture," he said. "Some people are into stamps or horses -- I'm into antique and classic cars."