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Brock: Thank you, Roughrider Commission

Roughrider Days Fair and Expo truly is a rodeo and so much more. This year's event began with a youth rodeo on June 8, got into full swing with the carnival and concluded with last night's fireworks.

Roughrider Days is a true community event with something for everyone. Anyone who couldn't find something to do the last two days in Dickinson wasn't looking very hard.

There were 4-H shows and judging exhibitions and premium sale, OXY PRCA Rodeo, KDIX & Hollis Dietz 5K/10K Run/Walk, Southwest Speedway/Midseason Championship, a parade, Arts Roundup on the Dickinson State University lawn and King Pavilion, Best Friends Family Fun Day, Joe Nichols & Restless Heart Concert, and Sax Motor Co.'s Demolition Derby.

Those are just the events put on as part of Roughrider Fair Days and Expo. Multiple businesses and groups held their own exhibits, events, sales, golf outings and entertainment.

While most of our community catches our breath. the Roughrider Commission is already reviewing and planning next year's event. Roughrider Days doesn't just magically happen. Members and the volunteers who help out year after year work all year long. There are real hard-working people giving of the most valuable of all commodities -- their time -- to ensure our community has our annual signature event to enjoy.

That time could be spent selfishly playing golf, fishing or spending more time with family. Hard to imagine that there are members of the commission who have been have been giving of their time for 10, 20 or 30 years.

Each of the events on their own requires countless hours and hard work to plan, administer and clean up afterwards.

Oh, by the way, just so you know, there are no trash fairies to clean up discarded candy wrappers, water bottles and pop cans. It requires a volunteer to pick it up. You would think, at the very least, folks would have enough pride in their community to pick up their trash after the parade.

The Roughrider Commission are an awful lot like football offensive linemen who do all the heavy work and the only time they get recognized is when they are called for a penalty. Seems like the only time the 19 men and women who make up the Roughrider Commission get noticed is when something isn't perfect at one of the events. Saying thanks to the commission and the volunteers for their hard work and planning are words that come few and far between.

Thank you and hats off to the Roughrider Commission and their volunteers for an outstanding 2013 event. There is no way you hear thank you enough for all you do to allow our community and visitors to enjoy Roughrider Fair Days and Expo.

Brock is the publisher of The Dickinson Press.

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