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Christian band brings message of hope

The Christian rock band Lightswitch will take center stage during Harvest Hoopla on Saturday evening, Sept. 7.

Described as an alternative rock band, Lightswitch includes four brothers -- Abraham, Gabe, Moises and Sam Romo from Wisconsin.

While having other jobs on the side, the artists consider their music as much a ministry as a business.

"We're able to intertwine both -- basically, we have a Christian rock pop sound," Abe said.

Their interest in music goes back to their childhood. Abe's parents purchased a keyboard when he turned age 12.

"We always had a piano in the house, and I started playing for the church," he said.

Eventually, the other brothers picked up instruments and also played in church. Their band gained momentum with the 2007 release of a self-titled album "Lightswitch" featuring their hit single "I Wanna Know."

The band has toured across North America since that time. Their audiences are a mix of ages.

"We usually adapt to whatever audience we're playing," he said. "For example, when we're doing youth camps and conferences, we're doing more youth oriented music."

Most of the artists' music is original.

"A lot of the songs speak for themselves," Abe said. "Really our main message is of hope."

The brothers also have a heart for humanitarian efforts. During 2012, the band organized a fundraiser to help save the Hogar de Fe community center in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Other projects include promoting sponsorships for children in developing countries through the organization One Matters. They also sell Freeset bags to help provide Free Trade jobs for women in India in order to help them escape human trafficking.

Abe credits their parents for encouraging them to put God first in their lives.

"I definitely say they've had a lot of input in our lives," he said. "We've also learned a lot from our church. It's a mixture."

The band's goal is to continue producing songs. They are bringing two of their albums to Dickinson, one is in Spanish.

The favorite part of their performance is getting to meet the audience afterwards.

"We're excited about coming to Dickinson," he said.