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Comedy on the course: 'Fox on the Fairway' a golfing farce

Press Photo by Linda Sailer Bingham (Todd Selle), seated middle, is surrounded by, from left to right, Pamela (Jenna Sandman), Dickie (Josh Nichols), Muriel (Megan Riese) and Louise (Leah Jenson) at the Quail Valley Country Club as they rehearse their performance "Fox on the Fairway" at the Odd Fellows Lodge in Dickinson.1 / 2
Press Photo by Linda Sailer Bingham (Todd Selle) confides in Pamela (Jenna Sandman) at the Quail Valley Country Club during a recent rehearsal scene for "Fox in the Fairway" at the Odd Fellows Lodge in Dickinson.2 / 2

If you go

What: "Fox on the Fairway" A Sneak Pique Productions performance

When: 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Where: Odd Fellows Lodge, Dickinson

Cost: $10


Phone: 701-590-3532

With the fairways covered by a late-spring snowstorm, golf enthusiasts can escape to the Quail Valley Country Club for a healthy dose of comedy.

"At the beginning of May, people are getting golf fever," director Layne Brandvik said. "They're greasing up their golf carts and pulling their clubs out of storage units. Why not see a show and be laughing?"

Sneak Pique Productions will present "Fox on the Fairway," a comedy performance set at the Odd Fellows Lodge. Performance times are 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Bingham, president of the Quail Valley Country Club, is in a difficult position when he discovers the golfer he thought would play for his club has switched sides to his opponent, the arrogant Dickie.

club has switched sides to his opponent, the arrogant Dickie.

The huge bet that Bingham has foolishly wagered is now likely to be lost. Fortunately, he discovers that his hired hand, Justin, is quite a good golfer and finagles his nomination.

Justin does not disappoint and has a huge lead when the tournament is interrupted by bad weather.

When Justin learns his fiancee, Louise, has lost the engagement ring he gave her, he becomes unglued.

The game resumes the next day, but Justin loses the lead. Bingham is desperate and the appearance of his wife complicates the matter.

Can Bingham find a replacement for Justin to win the game, win the wager and get his life in order? Only time will tell.

Brandvik was an actor in college before he took on the role of director.

"I understand the trials and tribulations of actors remembering lines and the chemistry on stage," he said. "I slid right into the directing job without losing a step."

He has worked with a majority of the actors for the upcoming performance, and allows them freedom to develop their characters on stage.

"Putting the show together in my mind, I know each actor's strengths," he said.

Brandvik said "Fox on the Fairway" is a relatively new play, written in 2011.

"I found it entertaining and familiar to some of the old farces I've worked with," he said.

He is certain Dickinson audiences will love the references to golf clubhouses.

"It's a funny show and great for everyone around," he said.

The cast includes: Todd Selle as Bingham, Jenna Sandman as Pamela, Brandvik as Justin, Leah Jenson as Louise, Megan Ries as Muriel and Josh Nichols as Dickie.

Sandman likens the comedy to "Caddyshack" with two club owners making a huge bet and trying to use people to accomplish their goal.