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Concert on Malloy's bucket list: Dickinson native to entertain on DHS stage

Mitch Malloy

Dickinson native and recording artist Mitch Malloy has traveled throughout the United States and Europe with his music, but he has an item remaining on his bucket list.

Malloy is returning for a performance on the stage of the Dickinson High School auditorium at 7 p.m. Monday.

"It's always been a dream of mine to play in that auditorium because that's the first stage I have ever performed on," he said. "It's a big deal. One of the benchmarks in my career was appearing on the Jay Leno Show, but another is to play that stage. It's a bucket item."

Malloy is coming with his acoustic guitar to entertain with pop songs from his 13 albums recorded throughout his career.

Malloy was born in Dickinson and is a 1979 DHS graduate. His mother, Lorraine Malloy, lives in Billings, Mont.

"I started singing at age 6 in public," he said. "I was singled out by the first-grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary, and sang a solo every year for the next five years."

Malloy also participated in football, basketball and track at Hagen and DHS. He started a rock band, "Lightening" while in high school.

After graduation, he moved to Seattle to attend the Cornish Institute of Allied Arts for a year. He returned home to work and save money. He bought a van and left for New York.

"It took me eight years from the time I landed in New York to get a record deal," he said.

He said Dickinson is an amazing place to grow up -- to learn the fundamentals of life, but DHS didn't have a course in rock 'n roll.

"I had to learn the music industry on the streets of New York," he said. "I got a break when I signed with Sony. I made my first record in 1990 and it came out in 1992."

Malloy appeared on Jay Leno, had three Top 20 hits and sang lead for Van Halen for a short time. He moved to Nashville, where he won the International Song Writing competition. He opened his own recording studio, working with artists such as Taylor Swift.

Malloy continues to entertain, and he tours Europe every year.

"I actually am homebased in Milan, Italy, where I have a band. I fly into Milan, we rehearse and go on tour," he said.

Malloy is returning to Dickinson to see long-time friends, including Jeff Lamprecht, the principal at Belfield High School.

The two will be appearing in school assemblies throughout the upcoming week.

"I'll be singing and he's talking about nutrition," Malloy said.

"I've lived a very clean life nutritionally -- I've avoided drugs and alcohol," he said. "I'm extremely concerned about health and the way things are going with the diabetes, obesity and cancer -- it's a passionate topic for me."

Malloy feels he's done it all in the music industry and is now trying to make a difference with his life.

"I'll take my knowledge about nutrition and health and share it with our youth," he said.

"God has blessed Mitch with uncommon musical talent and intuition," Lamprecht said. "As a musician myself, I grew up naturally following his career -- soon thereafter finding myself acquainted with his father and eventually meeting Mitch himself."

Lamprecht also designed and maintained Mitch's website for a number of years.

"Twenty-plus years now, he's like a blood brother to me; we're family," Lamprecht said.

In 2000, Lamprecht invited Malloy back to tour 23 schools in southwestern North Dakota. The mission was to spread a drug-free message to students, using music to punctuate their convictions.

"Mitch had the time of his life, feeling he connected with the kids," Lamprecht said. "As a high school principal, I'm thrilled he takes time to come back and do this."

Assemblies are planned at:

* Belfield Public School, 2 p.m., Tuesday.

* Richardton-Taylor Public School, 10 a.m. Wednesday.

* Killdeer Public School, 9:15 a.m. Thursday.

"We're expanding our message to include anti-bullying, health and nutrition," Lamprecht said.

"Mitch and I both own Norwalk juicers; my students think I'm a little extreme drinking and promoting things like carrot juice and other forms of prevention, but I'm a firm believer in walking the talk."

Lamprecht said he cannot wait for people to see Malloy.

"People just know when they're listening to someone sincere," he said. "His music and life are truly inspirational."

Advanced tickets to the Monday night performance are available at Dan Porter Motors and Jacobsen Music. Tickets are $10 for students; $15 for adults. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door.