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DHS students direct preschool

Dickinson High School students Justice Dolajak and Briana Hauck make a healthy snack for the preschool on Tuesday.
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DHS students direct preschool
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By Linda Sailer

Twelve Dickinson High School students are learning about the joys and challenges of working with young children through a six-week, student-directed preschool.

The preschool is a program offered through the child-related careers class taught by Pam Moormann.

The 18 preschoolers are introduced to art, story time, music and nutrition.

The program introduces high school students to pre-school career opportunities, Moormann said. 

The DHS students also participated in story time at the Dickinson Area Public Library and observed local day care providers. A social service worker talked about licensing procedures, while Deb Barros from the Dickinson Fire Department talked about introducing children to fire prevention.

Moormann said the curriculum has been modified to make it more child-friendly. For example, a Christmas program and graduation were eliminated to reduce any stress for them, she said.

The program concludes Friday, Jan. 3.

Linda Sailer
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