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Dickinson Baseball Club, PAWS receive $25K from Stark County Park Board

Children play with teeter-totters on the Taylor Public School playground in March. Stark County Park Board members gave the school's PAWS group $25,000, which will go toward new playground equipment.

The Stark County Park Board earmarked $50,000 to help both the Taylor Parents Active With School group and Dickinson Baseball Club make some updates.

Board members gave each organization $25,000 during Tuesday's Park Board meeting at the Stark County Courthouse in Dickinson.

In March, Taylor's PAWS organization asked for the board's help in replacing elementary playground equipment at Taylor Public School, adding that the 30-year-old set is no longer insurable. Board members decided to wait and see how much money the organization could raise on its own.

PAWS rounded up $30,000, which board members found impressive.

"For a small community to raise that kind of money, my hat's off to them," board member Jay Elkin said. "They did a tremendous job."

Board member Ken Zander agreed, adding that the location is important because it is like a city park.

"It basically sits on school property, but anybody familiar with the Taylor area would clearly see that it's something that has complete accessibility from the general public."

Park Board Chairman Arnie Binek said the playground site is not part of the school district's mill levy, and therefore cannot be funded by the school.

The extra $25,000 will allow PAWS to finish its project, Elkin said.

Board members also gave $25,000 to the Dickinson Baseball Club.

Club President Kelly Armstrong asked for help funding turf, sod and other updates at Coca-Cola Field, the smaller baseball field located next to Southside Municipal Ballpark in south Dickinson.

Armstrong said the club is a non-profit charitable organization that gets area youth involved in baseball.

"I'm asking for the county Park Board, if they would be interested in having a little bit of skin in this game," Armstrong said.

He added that the club has put more than $15,000 into the field, which is used by children from Dickinson, Belfield, Richardton, Taylor, Beach, Killdeer and New England.

"We are very welcoming to rural kids," he said.

Board members unanimously agreed to give the club $25,000.

"I think sometimes you guys get criticism and don't get enough praise," Armstrong said to board members. "These are cooperative things through lots of different organizations, and without it, kids couldn't play baseball."