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Dickinson man with nephew cited for shoplifting at Walmart

A man shopping with his 11-year-old nephew was one of eight people to be cited for shoplifting from the Dickinson Walmart Supercenter on Wednesday.

Karl Gerou, 32, of Dickinson, was cited and released by the Dickinson Police Department after being apprehended for shoplifting $59 worth of merchandise from the retailer.

Also picked up for theft Wednesday at the Walmart store were Jennifer Heaton, 33, listed as a transient; Jessica Bergenheier, 22, of Dickinson; Jelena Subotic, 26 of Dickinson; Tasha Christofferson, 19, homeless; Cody King, 18, homeless; and Merry Powell, 48, of Dickinson. Two juveniles were also cited. Christofferson and King were found to have a total of $354 worth of merchandise between them, according to the Dickinson PD.

Wal-Mart corporate spokesperson Kayla Whaling said the Dickinson supercenter added additional asset protection associates in recent months. Whaling called the Dickinson Police Department a "great partner" in the retailer's efforts to curb theft.