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Dickinson movie theater to re-open

The doors to the movie theater in Prairie Hills Mall will re-open at 3:30 p.m. Friday, said Steve Tripp, president of Odyssey Entertainment Inc.

"We felt it's extremely important to get the theater back open for the patrons in the Dickinson area," Tripp said Tuesday.

The old Carmike Cinemas Cine 3 movie theater, which was shut down last week, is now under the ownership of Odyssey Entertainment, a Maple Grove, Minn.-based company. Friday will be "operations as normal," but the company has big plans.

"We're currently working with mall ownership to relocate the theater in a brand new, state-of-the-art plex on a mall out lot," Tripp said. "Initially, there won't be many changes."

Tripp does not know when Odyssey Entertainment plans to build the structure, but he confirmed the company is dedicated to adding seven to nine "much larger screens," stadium seating with rocking chairs, amped-up sound and projection systems, a birthday party room and a much larger concession area.

"It's in early stages of discussions right now," he said.

One of the reasons Odyssey Entertainment set its sights on Dickinson is an oil boom that has brought rapid growth to the area, Tripp said.

"I have very little experience in an oil boom town," he chuckled. "We're going to try to be there along with that excitement."

Because Dickinson is new territory for the company, Tripp said he is thankful Odyssey immediately rehired a manager of 23 years who knows the ropes.

"(Marietta Martin) has been there a long time, and I think she's very familiar with the operation of that theater," Tripp said. "While there's things that we're going to want to change going forward, it's certainly nice to have someone that's familiar with the facility."

Martin, of Dickinson, is happy people will not have to leave town to catch a flick. She is also grateful all her employees will still have jobs at the theater.

"I am just, actually, thankful and very relieved that we still have a movie theater" and "that we're still able to offer good family entertainment," she said.

When Ty Allen, of Dickinson, heard the theater was going to re-open Friday, he was happy he would still be able to see movies with his family.

"We need a movie theater," Allen said.