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Dickinson officials unhappy with road use; Planning and zoning board approves subdivision's plat

Dickinson's Planning and Zoning Commission approved a final plat for Sundance Cove Subdivision on Wednesday during a meeting at City Hall, but heavy trucks have already been using roads without going through the proper channels.

Now the Meyer Real Estate Group, developer of Sundance Cove Subdivision, on the corner of 21st Street and 35th Avenue in Dickinson, cannot bring plans to the City Commission until the housing development's issues with weight-restricted roads are resolved with the county.

A representative from Meyer said conditions set at a June commission meeting have been met, including increasing right-of-ways to 45-feet, adding a utilities easement, and including interior streets that have 60-foot right-of-way widths and streets that are 32-feet from curb to curb.

Al Heiser, Stark County road superintendent, said it appears the developer did not consult with the county on how they would access the property, given that the roads in the area have a 5-ton weight restriction.

"I believe I was told when the preliminary plat came in that they needed to get with the county and figure out how they were going to get in there," Heiser said.

"Well, in the last week or so, I see the project is well underway."

Heavy equipment has gone up the road and no permits were retained, he said.

"Until a number of years ago when the county was able to scrape up enough money to put a 20-inch overlay on that road, that road was in pretty rough shape," he said.

City Engineer Shawn Soehren said the city had to shut down work in the area because proper approval was not received.

"I'm a little disappointed that no one has contacted us," he said. "There have been approaches built onto the county road. There are lots of unanswered questions of who owns the road, who maintains it. In order to bring this road up to standard to bring in any heavy equipment, any type of concrete, any type of building materials, it is restricted from all three sides. There is no way to get in there.

"It's kind of disappointing to see some of this development get going and moving dirt, and we're here today for the final approval."

City Planner Ed Courton planned to meet later Wednesday with Meyer Real Estate Group.

"Any other project we've worked well with Meyer in the past. Unfortunately, they definitely did not do what they were meant to do, or at least not what they indicated to us," Courton said.