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The Dickinson Press Top 10: No. 10 - Elks Building

The historic Dickinson Elks Building

As the year wraps up and we enter 2012, The Dickinson Press will take you through the top stories that filled its pages this year. Today we start with No. 10.

The Dickinson Elks Building has been sitting vacant since a 2007 fire. A lawsuit involving damages from the fire was recently settled for an undisclosed amount.

Terms of the settlement are confidential and issues between the building's owner, Granville "Beaver" Brinkman, High Ball Construction, Dickinson's Wells Fargo and other entities have been on-going for years.

High Ball Construction allegedly used a cutting torch that led to a fire in the Elks Building and firefighting efforts damaged the neighboring Wells Fargo building, leaving it unusable.

Dickinson Elks Building LLC, Brinkman's company which owns the building, brought suit against High Ball in 2009. Several other suits and countersuits ensued.

Brinkman purchased the building from the city in 2005 and the city has given him six extensions to complete renovations. City officials denied his last extension request.

A stop work notice was posted on the building March 9 because Brinkman did not pay for and pick up his $4,227 building permit, which was issued in July.

The city can now seek litigation against Brinkman to obtain the building, take no action or wait to see if the building is sold by Brinkman.

Dickinson officials suggested the city might wait for the building to be sold due to a high mortgage and the number of liens on it.