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The Dickinson Press Top 10: No. 6: Snowy spring

A van rolled over near Dickinson on Interstate 94 during a strong spring blizzard.

As the year wraps up and we enter 2012, The Dickinson Press takes you through the top stories that filled its pages in 2011. Today we share No. 6.

This year has been an odd year for seasonal weather. The seasons changed from winter to spring, but Mother Nature decided to give the state chilly and snowy conditions.

Weather patterns brought numerous snow storms to the area. One halted more than 500 vehicles across the state March 13. Drifting snow and icy conditions had rescue workers using military trucks and heavy equipment to pluck hundreds of people from roads, forcing them to stay in churches, schools, bars and gas stations overnight.

Meteorologists underestimated one snow storm during the first day of spring on March 20. Dickinson declared a snow emergency, prompting businesses to close doors early. The city received 7 inches of snow during the three-day storm.

Another wave of storms hit late April. The late blizzard caused power outages, cancelled events, several crashes and one death.