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Dunn County Commission hires firm to survey South Heart Road

MANNING -- The Dunn County Commission will give an out-of-state engineering firm a chance to show its skills surveying a portion of South Heart Road.

The commissioners agreed at Wednesday's commission meeting at the Dunn County Courthouse in Manning to allow ePIC Engineering to precede with a survey of Phase I of redesigning South Heart Road, which will include a survey of a six-mile section of the road from the Stark/Dunn county line to 24th Street Southwest.

EPIC Engineering will put numbers together on the cost of surveying the road and will get a survey crew to work, officials said.

Commissioner Bob Kleeman told Korey Walker, owner of ePIC Engineering in Utah and Arizona who appeared via conference call, that the commission has agreed to reconstruct South Heart Road in phases.

Although, Commissioner Reinhardt Hauck said, the commission does not yet have plans to design the road for building this year.

"Our decision is to give your company a section of the road and see how it turns out," Kleeman said. "It's an opportunity to see what you can do for us as far as a surveying company."

Walker said his company has experience working with large projects in North Dakota, including a project the company is currently working on involving a county road in McKenzie County. He said plans are already complete to have a 90-degree curve removed from the road, so it is a matter of waiting for construction season to begin.

Walker said he would look into the cost, but he would like to have the road surveyed by plane. It was determined that it would take a little more than four weeks to survey the road via plane, compared to two to three weeks to conduct the survey manually.

Commissioner Donna Scott said she and County Auditor Tracey Dolezal did some research and found that some right-of-ways have already been acquired, which should speed along work when the commission is ready to begin the project.

"I think that should help you," Scott told Walker.

Walker said in his own inspection of South Heart Road he found a bridge that might need to have some work done on it.

"If that is the case, and the bridge needs to be replaced, that will add more money to the total cost of the project," he said.

County Road Superintendent Mike Zimmerman said he wanted to check with the North Dakota Department of Transportation first and see what kind of rating the state gives the bridge since it is a relatively new structure.