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Dunn County has a new sheriff: Coker accepts offer for administrative position

MANNING -- Dunn County will have a new sheriff on Monday.

Denise Giffin, who handles human resources for the county, informed the Dunn County commissioners Wednesday at their regular monthly meeting in the Dunn County Courthouse that Clayton Coker has accepted the position as sheriff, and he will officially take over on Monday.

Coker, a Texas native who has spent most of his law enforcement career in an administrative position, was most recently working as the acting executive officer of Montana Public Safety Officers Standards & Training, a job he began in August 2012.

He was one of nine candidates to apply for the position in Dunn County.

Coker was chosen by the commissioners by way of a secret ballot, with a vote of 3-1. Commissioner Bob Kleeman was not present for the vote that took place at the County Commission meeting last month.

The position opened after former Sheriff Don Rockvoy resigned in March to take a position working in the oil field.

Rockvoy came to Dunn County as a sheriff's deputy in April 2009 and was appointed to sheriff in July 2009.

He was formally elected to serve a four-year term in 2010, and Coker will finish the remainer of Rockvoy's term.

In other business:

Dunn County's emergency management office and sheriff's office will look for a way to share the county weed board's four-wheeler for emergencies.

Commissioner Daryl Dukart said he would speak to the county's emergency manager, Denise Brew, and Diane Allmendinger, the county weed officer, about coming up with a mutual agreement on the use of the county weed board's four-wheeler in the case of emergencies, and see

if they can bring a plan back to the commission at its June 19 meeting.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of needing the vehicle for emergencies after a tower went down on Killdeer Mountain recently and a response from emergency personnel was needed.

"Denise (Brew) and a deputy needed to get up there, and they had to

borrow a four-wheeler from the weed board," Dukart said Wednesday, adding that the issue with the downed tower was taken care of. "Denise said

it is a bit of a hike to get up there without a vehicle."

Commissioner Reinhardt Hauck said he recalled the sheriff's department

having a four-wheeler at one time, but said that it was seldom used by

the officers.

Because it went unused, he said the four-wheeler developed mechanical

issues and was no longer of use, so it was sold.