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Dunn County plans withdraw from emergency alert system

MANNING -- The Dunn County Commission plans to discontinue its emergency alert service that the county shares with Stark County until the commission gets a recommendation from the Dunn County emergency manager to resume the services.

The Everbridge Emergency Notification System would allow residents within Dunn County the option of receiving notifications via phone call in the case of emergencies.

Residents would have to voluntarily sign themselves up to be included in the system.

Dunn County Auditor Tracey Dolezal said the system is not reverse 911, which would allow residents to be alerted about emergency situations or during situations that require residents to be notified.

Instead, Dolezal said the Everbridge system would allow Dunn County residents the opportunity to receive automatic alerts when severe weather is in the area.

In January 2012, according to meeting minutes, then-Dunn County 911 Coordinator Bill Fahlsing discussed the system with the commission and asked Dunn County for $2,750 in additional funds for implantation costs. The request was tabled, according to the minutes.

The next month, Dunn County Emergency Manager Denise Brew said the county paid more than $2,700 to allow it to go in on the system with Stark County.

Then in July, Brew said Dunn County was approached again about staying with the system. When the commission agreed to do so, she said the county was billed another $1,142.

"My concern is that we have received no services for this money," Brew said. "It was explained to me that I haven't implemented the system yet because I was told to wait because there was another piece being added to it, so it's still not in place. We have paid $3,000 already and we have received nothing for it yet."

Even without the system, Commissioner Daryl Dukart pointed out that weather alert services are already available to the residents of Dunn County, if they use cellphones.

When asked by Commissioner Reinhardt Hauck if Stark County could challenge Dunn County on not paying the bill and require payment since the county previously agreed to be a part of the system, Brew said it was possible that it could happen, but she would notify Stark County of the commission's decision.