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Dunn County receives 9 applications for open sheriff position

Interviews are expected to begin soon for the next Dunn County sheriff.

The application deadline for the sheriff's position closed Monday with nine applicants, and Denise Giffin, who is in charge of human resources for Dunn County, said the selection committee has a good group of candidates.

While members of the selection committee have not been confirmed yet, Giffin said the people who are selected will decide which candidates to bring in for initial interviews.

"I would like to cut down the list to the top three or four," she said. "Then for the final interviews, maybe the top two candidates could be interviewed by the commission. The county commissioners will handle the interview process, and I would like to setup the first interviews as early as next week."

Applicants for sheriff include:

- Clayton L. Coker, who has been acting Montana Public Safety Officers Standards and Training Executive Director since August 2012.

- Nicholas L. Gates with the Dickinson Police Department, who has been an officer since 2005.

- Glenn R. Gietzen, a Dunn County Sheriff's Department deputy since 1987.

- Wade E. Krohmer with Securitas in Dickinson, who has been a security guard since October 2012.

- Gary A. Kuhn with the Stark County Sheriff's Department. He has been a sergeant since January 2012 and is a resident of Dunn County.

- Kenneth E. LaRocque with the Dunn County Sheriff's Office. He was named a deputy sheriff in August 2012 and has been a sergeant since February.

- Parke W. Little, who has been with the Stark County Sheriff's Office since July 2006.

- Pat J. Merriman with the Dunn and McKenzie County State's Attorney's Office, who has been a deputy state attorney since February.

- Troy L. C. White Owl with Hess Corporation. He has been a lease operator since September 2012.

Former Sheriff Don Rockvoy submitted a letter of resignation to the commission in March informing commissioners he would step down from the position as of March 31.

Rockvoy, who resigned to take a position working in the oil field, came to Dunn County as a sheriff's deputy in April 2009 and was appointed sheriff in July 2009.

He was formally elected to the position in 2010.

The Dunn County sheriff is elected to a four-year term and the candidate who is selected will complete the remainder of Rockvoy's term.

Before his departure on March 31, Rockvoy appointed Deputy Matt Hegstad to be the interim chief deputy until a new sheriff is chosen.