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Dvorak moves his business back home

After leaving Dickinson seven years ago to start his own dealership in Bismarck, Delayne Dvorak has branched out and returned to his hometown, opening a second Dvorak Motors location in north Dickinson.

“We wanted to go back to Dickinson because — obviously, the economy — we think there’s a lot of opportunity for the type of vehicles that we sell,” Dvorak said. “We’re going to continue to sell the same type of products we sell in Bismarck, so if you’re looking for Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Audis, we’ll have that stuff at any given time.”

Dvorak grew up in Dickinson, graduated from Trinity High School in 1983 and started in auto sales at Charbonneau Car Center right out of high school. He worked for Dan Porter Motors for 18 years before partnering with Porter to open the first Dvorak Motors seven years ago. That partnership had a five-year buyout, which Dvorak took.

Dvorak Motors sells pre-owned vehicles and does not sell new cars.

“As a matter of fact, we don’t call them pre-owned, we call them pre-loved,” Dvorak said.

The Dickinson branch will feature the same type of inventory the Bismarck store does with similar service.

“I’ve got a couple of different places here in Dickinson that are going to service my cars, make sure that they go through a safety inspection and a quality inspection before they hit our lot,” Dvorak said.

Many of the cars on the lot are directly purchased program cars, which usually means the car was a rental car, Dvorak said.

“A lot of times they’re as low as three months in service. They just have to have 15,000 miles,” Dvorak said. “And we get them anywhere from 8,000 to 9,000 miles anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 miles, depends on where there were, where they were rented, what they were used for.”

The new Dvorak Motors is in the old Dakota Community Bank building next to Wendys and Runnings just off Highway 22 in north Dickinson.

The remodeling process included removing the teller lines, but keeping the vault.

“That’ll just be our office storage, I guess,” said Dvorak, who plans on living in Bismarck and regularly commuting to Dickinson. “The vault is still in here, it’s kind of cool.”

With a few modifications to the existing parking lot, about 60 cars can fit on the lot, with additional space across Highway 22 for more vehicles.

Dvorak would like to have about 100 cars in Dickinson added to the 200 he usually carries at the Bismarck store.

“We’ll have around 300 cars at any given time available to the public,” Dvorak said.

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