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Election 2012: Adams County Commision race heats up

Two Adams County Commissioners will face off against a challenger in the Nov. 6 elections, according to the county auditor.

Commissioners Kathy Vliem of Lemmon, S.D., and Hettinger resident Gene Seamands will try to renew their terms against Anthony Larson, also of Hettinger.

Attempts to reach Seamands were unsuccessful.

The top four candidates elected during the primary election on June 6 would move on to the November elections. Since there is only three, all candidates will be put on the ballot for general elections.

Vliem loves her job and has learned a lot in her two years as a commissioner. She hopes the county will elect her for a second term.

"It's nice to be able to be in on all of the things that are going on, and I would hate to get out of this now with the oil and all the work we've done," she said.

Vliem added she listens to what residents have to say and tries to address their concerns.

"I take on a hands-on approach and can relate to people," she said. "I try to treat everybody fairly and always have."

Larson has had an interest in local government. A job change has given him the opportunity to pursue that, he said.

"It's my assessment that Adams County is in a positive position to prepare for energy development, and as I look to the future ... I want to make sure that we do the appropriate

planning to ensure a very successful and bright future for the county."

While Larson doesn't have the experience of the two county commissioners, he has served for city government and on various boards.

"I think the greatest asset I bring is a high level of enthusiasm and energy towards the county and the future of our county," he said.

Larson added he is not dissatisfied with the work the

county commission has done, but wants to be more involved in the county.

"There is no place for apathy," he said. "The only way to fight it is to put your name on the ballot and provide opportunities for the citizens to actually have a choice when they go to the ballot."

In other election news, aldermen Suzie Ruether and Kim Markegard will seek re-election for Hettinger City Council.

In Reeder, Mayor Brad Hoflman will also be on the ballot for re-election. Aldermen Dennis Munro and Travis Finck will also try to keep their seats on city council. Reeder Park Board members candidates are Bruce Verhulst, Linda Verhulst and Sheli Bentsen-Beld.