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Endorsement: Cramer for US House from ND

Kevin Cramer has been preparing all his adult life to serve his state in Washington, D.C. He's ready. On Nov. 7, North Dakotans should vote to send him to the U.S. House of Representatives as the state's lone congressman.

Cramer's determination has not been about ego, but rather about a sincere desire to serve. He believes he embodies a political philosophy that is right for the times -- right for North Dakota and the nation. He wants to solve problems, make life better for Americans and preserve and protect the values that have made America great.

He's been so focused on the goal that he overcame opposition to his candidacy by the establishment North Dakota Republican Party, and conducted a successful primary challenge in which he easily bested the party's endorsed candidate. That result confirms Cramer's appeal, not only among party rank-and-file, but also among North Dakotans not aligned with a political party.

Cramer's opponent is Pam Gulleson, who with her family farms near Rutland. A former legislator and key member of former Sen. Byron Dorgan's North Dakota staff, Gulleson is a capable, dedicated candidate. Her resume is impressive, but does not measure up to Cramer's depth and breadth of experience, as defined by his policy priorities and his years of public service.

Few people in public office in North Dakota work harder than Cramer, who is a member of the Public Service Commission. He takes time to understand the nuances and potential effects of government policies. A fiscal conservative, he will be a strong voice in the U.S. House when it comes to being prudent with taxpayers' money. He will be among those House members who will try to slow the growth and limit the reach of the federal government.

A man of deep faith and moral conviction, Cramer will insist the nation adhere to and return to standards and values that have been compromised and eroded. Anyone who knows Cramer understands that his faith informs his public service and everything else in his life.

He's worked hard for North Dakota in various state and private capacities. He's been successful in those endeavors. North Dakotans would be well served to send Cramer and his work ethic to the U.S. House.

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