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Error led to ACT do-over for Langdon school

GRAND FORKS -- The Langdon school district is paying for junior high school students to retake tests after their ACT scores were recently found to be invalid, according to school officials.

In a recent letter sent to parents, school counselor LeeAnn Knudson said she failed to notify ACT of a lunch break the day of testing, and that jeopardized the validity of the scores, which are used for college entrance and scholarship requirements.

Senior students were not affected by the decision because they follow a different testing date, said Principal Daryl Timian.

Students may be able to retake the test June 8, the next available testing date, and still be eligible for scholarships, he said.

Knudson made "an honest mistake" by providing the unscheduled lunch break but violated the strict guidelines ACT follows, he said.

"Every step has been taken to help students be qualified for anything they had been in the past," he said.

Some of the 33 students affected by the testing error will take a different test in lieu of the ACT that qualifies them for some college-level classes. Knudson has also been working with ACT to allow students to retest in September or December.

"People make mistakes, and we move on," Timian said. "Overall, I think we've gotten some pretty good community support. Being upset is a natural reaction, but overall they all have the attitude that we need to do what's best for the kids."