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Former clinic a possible Hebron library home

The Hebron Public Library may soon be calling a former medical clinic home, officials said.

Hebron City Councilman Terry Dakken wants the relocation to take place within the next month, but the council is awaiting an inspection of the building.

The city purchased the clinic building earlier this year.

Librarian Jean Pascual recently approached the City Council about moving the library in, which would give her much needed extra room.

"I'm just wanting them to say I can or can't because where I'm at, there's a lot of constraints," Pascual said. "At this point, whenever they tell me I can, I'm gone."

An inspection must be conducted at the former medical building to be sure it's safe for public use, Dakken said.

If any modifications need to be made, he expects the city to make them and can't foresee anything getting in the way of relocating.

"It would be better visibility being on Main Street, better access and a bigger facility for the library," he said. "It will be an asset to the community."

Pascual has already decided how the library would be laid out if the relocation occurs. Since the area is laid out like a clinic and divided up into exam rooms, each room will have specific genres of books, she said, including a romance/western room, children's room and an audio/video room.

"The exam rooms have sinks on the walls that have to be removed and capped," Pascual said.

There is an X-ray machine and some lighting that would need to be removed as well, she added.

People using computers at the library would be more comfortable if they weren't practically on top of each other, Pascual said. She wants to turn the clinic waiting room into the computer area.

"We really need to expand our children's department and it would afford us the opportunity to expand to where we should be at," Pascual said of moving. "If you come into our library, there's books stacked on top of our bookshelves."

The library is housed at the Hebron Historical and Arts Society Museum. Director Jack Hauser said relocating the library would be convenient for the museum as well.

"We're going to be able to use the space and I guess the quicker we can get in, the better it's going to be for us," Hauser said. "That's the part that is heated and also air-conditioned and is well-insulated."

Some of the museum's artifacts need to be climate controlled, and the library's space would be ideal, he added.

The city purchased the building intending to attract medical providers back to it, but Dakken said that's unlikely.

"It was something that was wanted, but the feasibility of having something like that was cost preventative," he said.

A massage therapist and a dentist inhabit the second floor of the building, Pascual said. A corner of the main floor is used as a salon and the library would use the remainder, she added.

"I'm hoping that whatever modifications are needed will be made and then we'll be able to move in there," Pascual said. "I have a lot of volunteers who have offered to help."