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Authorities identify man who died in fiery crash on Interstate 29 south of Grand Forks

George A. Frenzel

On December 25, 2013, George A. Frenzel died unexpectedly at his home in Goleta, CA. He was age 86 and died of natural causes. George fully achieved his mission to remain self-sufficient, and he did so with composure and resilience.

George was born to Mathilda and Joseph Frenzel on August 18, 1927 in Dickinson, ND. He grew up on a farm south of Dickinson, among nine siblings: Pete, Paul, Joe, Tony, Ann, Ralph, Elizabeth, Jack, and Rose Mary, who died as a young child, leaving George as the youngest. George and siblings also enjoyed the company and fun of their Uncle John and Aunt Rose Frenzel and their children, who lived on a neighboring farm.

George was a 1946 graduate of Dickinson High School. Eventually he moved west, working construction jobs along the way. While he was in Yakima, WA, George lived with the family of his brother, Tony. Tony employed George, and several other brothers, in his construction company. During the years 195052 George served in the US Army and spent some time in Germany. By 1956 he had settled in Santa Barbara, CA. George perfected his carpentry skills and received special commendations for his work on projects in the Santa Barbara area.

George and Barbara Olson Lupton were married in 1964, and so he became stepfather to teen-aged Brian Lupton. Brian passed away in 1977. George and Barbaras married years were highlighted by the company of many good friends and by laughter, cocktail parties, holiday celebrations, card games, and many trips to the Caribbean and Hawaii. These good friends all mourned Barbaras passing in 1999. As was true of his parents, George was a good neighbor who diligently maintained his home and yard. He took special pride in his massive avocado trees.

George was predeceased by all his siblings, but they left him an engaging family of 35 surviving nieces and nephews, most of them live either in the Dakotas or in the Pacific Northwest. Georges quiet nature sometimes belied his love of humor, his deep concern for the people close to him, and his perseverance. His family and friends miss him greatly and will gather later this year to remember, to laugh together, and to distribute his ashes. The family can be reached at