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Girl Scout sells enough cookies to earn an American Girl doll; gives it to her best friend

Kennedy Kouba, 7, and her best friend, Maeva Kuehl play together and are classmates at Lincoln Elementary School. They have many interests in common, but while Kennedy owned an American Girl doll, Maeva did not.

That's when Kennedy figured out a way to give a doll to Maeva -- she could earn the doll by selling 750 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

A member of Dakota Horizons Troop 86601, Kennedy and her mother, Shawna, sold 50 boxes of cookies around the neighborhood on the first day of the sale. That's when she told her mother about the goal.

"I thought if I earned it, I could give a doll to Maeva -- it would be a good surprise for her," Kennedy said.

As neighbors learned about the goal, Shawna said, "People started knocking on our door to buy cookies and pretty soon, she was selling cookies like crazy. Once I knew about the goal, I really tried to help her."

Kennedy sold more cookies to her parents, Joel and Shawna, at their places of employment, and to other family and friends.

As the sale continued, Kennedy said, "It was kind of hard because there were lots of Girl Scouts selling cookies."

They decided to set up a stand at Walmart five times throughout the cold months of February and March.

"There were a couple of times, we filled our thermos with hot chocolate because we were so cold," Shawna said.

Kennedy's troop leader, Phyllis Parsons, encouraged Kennedy and arranged to have enough cookies for her to sell.

One of Kennedy's grandmothers bought extra cookies, which Kennedy gave away at the nursing homes.

The big day arrived on Tuesday. The girls were playing in a fast-pitch softball game.

Kennedy hid the doll in her bat bag and asked Maeva to open it up. There was the doll.

"It made me feel good to give it to her," Kennedy said.

Maeva was delighted to receive the doll, realizing it looked just like her. She is calling her doll, Maeva, too.

Maeva's parents, Matt and Amy, appreciate the kindness.

"I thought it was very thoughtful of Kennedy -- they've been close buddies and they always want to play together," Amy said.

Now, when they have a play date, the American Girl dolls go along.