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Hot and dry: Fires spark across region


The Gladstone Fire Department put out two field fires about 10 miles south of Gladstone on Wednesday, Fire Chief Joe Wanner said.

Both fires were caused by sparks created by rocks hitting haying equipment, he said.

"It was Mother Nature and machines starting to clash," Wanner said.

The fires were unrelated, he said.

GFD was notified of the first blaze shortly after 10 a.m. and had it extinguished in minutes, Wanner said.

The second call came soon after the department was packed up and heading home, he said. They were notified of the blaze at 10:45 a.m. and had it out in about 15 minutes.

Wanner wants to caution farmers that even though crops are green, undergrowth can be dry and fires can start even when operators are careful.

"This is one of those instances there's really nothing you can do about it," he said.

No one was injured in either incident.


The Hettinger Fire Department responded to an approximate 5-acre grass fire Tuesday afternoon, Chief Mark Faller said.

The fire was about six miles south of Bucyrus. No one was injured and Faller said he believes it was started by a lightning strike. He said it was not difficult to put out and the crew "did what they are trained to do."

The department has extinguished a few other blazes this spring.

On June 2, firefighters were on scene for about 16 hours as they fought a 1,500 hay bale fire, when three round bale stacks next to each other burned. The blaze was also believed to be caused by a lightning strike, Faller said.

The department also put out a small 1-acre grass fire June 3, he added.


The Dickinson Rural Fire Department responded to a semi fire Tuesday evening on Interstate 94, east of Exit 64, toward Dickinson.

Fire Chief Andy Paulson said the westbound lane of the interstate was shut down until 3 a.m. Wednesday and traffic was diverted to the Gladstone exit.

He said diesel fuel was spilled on the road and Stark County officials spread sand to clean it up.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident and the semi driver was taken to the hospital, but Paulson did not know the extent of the driver's injuries.