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How do you stop the unstoppable?

Too often in the newspaper business you have to cover tragedies and despite our feelings, we march on knowing it is part of our job.

Some just truly leave you feeling sick to your stomach. Partly because of the horrific outcome of the story, you recognize there is no rhyme or reason for it, and worse yet is the realization that it has happened too often before and sadly it will happen again.

I can't imagine anything worse than innocent kids murdered in their classroom. The shooting in Connecticut on Friday was the truest example of the term "senseless act." Parents sent their small children to what should be the safest place imaginable, only for them to fall victims to a crazed madman.

This year shopping malls, movie theatres and workplaces have joined -- worst of all -- schools as killing fields. Sadly, there seems no way to stop it.

No one is immune.

Murderers have targeted every venue possible and every size town. Too many times the witnesses recall feeling safe in their small town and having a sense of disbelief that these horrible acts could happen where they live.

How do you stop it?

I can't imagine a way you could secure a school or any place where crowds gather. Putting bars on the doors, bulletproof glass, and metal detectors at every entrance of a crowded location are just not feasible and could trap innocent victims trying to escape if the security ever was breached.

Armed guards or teachers? OK with me if law enforcement thought it would protect kids and the innocent.

Outlawing handguns would be a small price to pay if that would insure murders like this would end, but if someone has murder in their heart, I believe they will find an equally horrific way to succeed.

I don't have the answers, just like everyone else I only wish there was a way to put an end to it now. Unfortunately, the problem is not going to be solved today or anytime soon, but Americans have got to work together, put ideologies aside and do whatever is necessary to protect innocent victims.

Today is a day for mourning and prayers for the families who lost loved ones yesterday and throughout 2012. Tomorrow is the time for our nation to begin doing whatever is necessary to prevent these heartbreaking senseless acts.

Brock is the publisher of The Dickinson Press.