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It's the little things

Like many folks, there are lots of little things that drive me nuts. They say don't sweat the little things, and I know everything really is little unless, of course, they affect you.

I'll admit to feeling my blood pressure rise when life's little things happen to me. The car won't start; power goes out during a football game, no milk in the fridge, waiting in line to cast a vote and like-type calamities that happen daily, if not hourly.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this week, which is the time when we should all pause to realize how blessed we are and take time to appreciate all the blessings that we enjoy.

When the car didn't start, did I think how lucky I was to have a car, and that I had the means to have someone who knew what they were doing fix the problem?

When the power went out, did I recognize how blessed I was to have a warm place to live when so many others would undoubtedly appreciate it more?

When I woke up and realized there was no milk for the morning cereal, did I think of all the people who woke up hungry because they went to bed hungry? Where fetching milk from the closest store was merely a nuisance for me, for so many others, acquiring enough food for them and their families is a daily struggle.

While I waited in line to cast my vote, did I remember how fortunate I am to live in a country where we the people choose our leaders? Instead of counting the number of people in front of me and checking my watch, shouldn't I have used the time to remember how many Americans gave their life to protect that privilege?

Despite what major retailers would like you to believe, Thanksgiving wasn't started by early settlers in our country to signal the start of the holiday shopping season. Thankfully, there are still those who retain the spirit of the holiday.

The committee, volunteers and donors of the Thanksgiving community dinner are a perfect example. With all that is going on in our area, it would be easy for them to use a day off to catch a breath, but fortunately for the hundreds that enjoyed the meal on Thursday, the group put the needs of others before themselves.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made the event a great success.