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Jesus & technology

I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic schools and was taught to believe that communion is the pinnacle of the Mass, the moment when we receive Jesus in the precious sacraments.

So after receiving the body and precious blood of our Lord and returning to my pew to give thanks to him for all he's done for me and blessed me with in this life, in the background I can hear the lovely sound of remote car starters beeping away and the returning tune that someone's vehicle has successfully started and they will be welcomed by a warm car.

That's the first wave, after Father has given his final blessing and the closing hymn has started, under the mask of the church music you can hear more remote starters beeping away, it's just as irritating. You're not being clever.

I would like to make it through one Mass -- one homily, where the annoying ring of someone's cellphone doesn't interrupt as they franticly dig it out to silence it.

Now that I've raised these issues, let me be quick to say, I'm not against technology. I don't occasionally find myself yearning for a life with the Flintstones. I too have walked into church, sat in the pew and realized that one of my pockets weighs more than the other, meaning that my phone is in it. I quickly dig it out and put it on silent before the dreaded incoming call comes in. I enjoy all the technology and how it helps out in our daily lives whether in the workplace or in pure recreational convenience. I'm just a firm believer that gadgets don't belong in the four walls of the church.

Picture this, Father texting the giftbearers that he's ready for them to bring down the gifts. Father presiding over the Mass with an iPad because all the prayers and his homily are saved on it. Spare me.

I realize that accidents happen, I've had plenty of embarrassing moments and things I regret. It seems whether it's the cellphone or remote starter, it's a recurring issue that nobody seems to worried about addressing, or even to the point where it has become an accepted part of the Mass.

I think more of an effort could be made leaving cellphones in the vehicles or silencing them before Mass. Also, to my knowledge I've never heard of someone losing life or limb from getting into a cold vehicle. If a warm vehicle is of the upmost importance how about staying after Mass a few minutes and have quiet meditations and reflections on this precious gift of life and God's mercy and forgiveness that he constantly gives to us while the vehicle warms up.

As a Catholic, I believe that all the angels and saints are present at the holy sacrifice of the Mass, so let's be more mindful that not only do we have our fellow Catholics present, but an entire spiritual audience.

Let's give Jesus what he deserves, our love, our reverence and our full attention at Mass.

Kadrmas is The Dickinson Press productions manager. Reach him at