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Killdeer school reps ask for help funding new sports complex

MANNING -- Representatives from Killdeer Public School asked Dunn County commissioners Wednesday for help updating the school district's sports complex.

The school wants to replace the field grass with turf, upgrade lighting, and improve the stands and concessions infrastructure, among other updates, Killdeer Public School Superintendent Gary Wilz told commissioners at their meeting at Dunn County Courthouse.

Of the projected $2 million cost, the Killdeer School Board is looking to contribute $500,000, with the rest coming from fundraising.

Suzi Tuhy, who's working on the fundraising campaign, said the committee has so far raised $36,700 from businesses and personal donations.

Speaking of the new project, Wilz said, "Let's make it grandiose and make it long-term, something that's going to be able to sustain all types of play."

Tuhy told commissioners that school officials hope to get money for the lighting, track and turf -- more suitable than natural grass given the expected heavy use of the field -- by the end of January to get construction started in May. That'd get the field done for the 2014 football season.

Those components of the project are projected to cost more than $1 million.

Commissioners told Tuhy and Wilz that they needed time to gather more information and see what sort of contribution is feasible for the county. They plan to give an answer at their Dec. 4 meeting.

In other news, commissioners granted Halliday landowner Carolyn Klopp a one-year extension on her plans to develop four lots she purchased from the county three years ago.

Klopp missed an earlier deadline to develop the land to the county's specifications, and so commissioners had planned on repossessing it.

She's in talks with a developer who would likely put a 20- to 30-unit motel on the land.