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Last FEMA trailers in Minot on their way out

The Associated Press

MINOT — The last handful of Federal Emergency Management Agency mobile homes brought to Minot following historic Souris River flooding two years ago are on their way out of the city.

FEMA made more than 2,000 of the homes available to residents displaced by floodwaters that swamped 4,100 homes and other structures in Minot and surrounding Ward County in June 2011. Some of the homes — which temporarily housed about 7,000 people — eventually were sold to residents, some were donated to American Indian tribes and others were auctioned off, including to companies working in the western North Dakota Oil Patch.

“They’re going all over the country — some even as far away as Alaska,” FEMA spokesman Brian Hvinden said.

The last of the remaining homes are to be moved by Friday from a staging area at the State Fairgrounds.

“It’s one of the last visible reminders of our presence here,” Hvinden said. “It’s probably fitting that it’s come right before the end of the year.”