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Leaders look at rezones

Dickinson Planning and Zoning Commission members unanimously approved a rezone in Prairie Hills Subdivision, which allows apartments in an area once zoned for duplexes at a meeting Wednesday at City Hall.

City Commission members give final approval of all requests.

Larry Kostelecky requested that the six-acre property described as Prairie Hills fourth subdivision be changed from residential medium density to high density.

"What he's doing fits very well into what the rest of the area looks like," said City Engineer Shawn Soehren.

Kostelecky plans to construct multi-family units on the property.

One acre of the property is in a flood plain.

Jerry Krieg, of Kadrmas Lee & Jackson and Soehren both said if Kostelecky would want to build on the flood plain he would have to check city and state laws and suggested he also look into insurance.

Other business discussed at the meeting:

r Commissioners approved a final plat for the Shetler Subdivision which is about two miles south of Dickinson.

r Commissioners approved the preliminary plat of seven lots along prairie oaks but suggested that Northern Plains Engineering check the utility and sewage easements.

r No action was taken on the preliminary plat for the KDIX tower addition, located between near 14th Street West.

Chairman Earl Abrahamson said he would like to see the master plan before any decision was made.

Two Dickinson residents living near the KDIX Tower Addition expressed concerns about water drainage, buffer zones and a lack of a transitional zone.

r They also approved a preliminary plat of KLD second subdivision -- a tract located near the corner of sixth Avenue Southeast and Eighth Street Southeast.

r According to the city, there have been 138 new building permits, which is more than double the 66 issued last year. Additions and alterations building permits have decreased by 20 permits since last year, according to the city.